Current values on the XK8's. What is the future for these gorgeous cars?

I watch the market on Bring a Trailer, Ebay and other sites, and the values vary widely on these cars. Non-runners are a few hundred dollars, and some folks want tens of thousands for theirs. I have had mine for about five years, bought it from the second owner for $7500 and could not be happier. I had everything fixed that it needed, and it is a joy to drive. I know all about the comparison in looks to the old E-type, but this is an entirely different car, and it is larger and better in many ways. Ford did a lot to make it a good, reliable car, and some things still went wrong, but in all, they made many improvements. I am wondering that in the long haul if they will become collector items. The E-types suffered the indignity for years before they ‘caught on’ with people and I can see the eventual change in XK8 attitudes. I hope these cars gain in popularity and get saved. To me, they are the bargain of the century, and one need only look at the sister car, the Thunderbird and what they are bringing now.

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I have both an e-type (S2 FHC) and a '99 XK8. Love them both, in different ways. I have no doubt that the XK8 styling was “inspired” by the e-type, but beyond that there is no comparison.

The e-type was a once-in-a-lifetime model, and you will never see anything like it again. It was designed without the heavy hand of governmental regulation, and for that reason alone can never be equaled.

I recognize the modern necessity of governmental regulations, but there can never again breakthrough designs like the e-type. The XK8 will always hold some premium value as one of the best designs (styles) of its era, and nice examples will bring decent money if marketed right, but ultimately, to most people it’s just another car. Enjoy it for what it is, but don’t expect the long-term market appreciation of an e-type.

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho


I can recall the early '70’s when XK’s and E Types could be had for chump change, indeed even GTB Ferraris and DB5 Astons were truly affordable , relative to wages. The XK8 is in exactly the same situation now, as those cars were then, underappreciated and undervalued. Having sold a 4.2 S1, I find the XK8 (X100) a much more useable and convenient car than the E,certainly not as exciting, nor as good as attracting admiring attention, but in terms of living with one day in day out, no contest. Whether they will ultimately become collectible is yet to be decided, but if not, they will be the first open Jaguar never to do so, and considering their merits, unlikely, in my estimation. Going electric\ environmental considerations make the calculations somewhat confused, but from what I am seeing, there seems to be somewhat of a backlash against electric at the moment, fueled ( pun intended), by lack of range and charging capability.