Currently for sale

(Bleasie) #1

There are are something like 9 or 10 XJ220’s for sale at the moment I located anothe 2 to day. One Silverstone Green one owner from new 7,800 miles only. One Spa Silver coming up for Auction next month in Paris.

(Nick Johannessen) #2

And this 220S was just sold:

(Bleasie) #3

Hi Nick

This XJ220S was sold many years ago & has been restored to it’s original

colour which is Pale Blue 220784S



XJ220 Registrar

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #4

Damn!!! If I sold my house I could have bought that!!!


Don’t you just hate those who live in the US for ten years and never bother to learn the language?
I think no one should graduate from grade school without learning either Cherokee, Apache, Ute or Arapaho.

LLoyd July, 2014

(Paul Wigton) #5

It “only” went for $230K, Schmeds…:wink:

(Bleasie) #6

That was long before the prices started to rise.—Sold for US$230,000 IN JAN 2012.

(Paul Wigton) #7

Ah…I took Nick’s word of it ‘just sold’ as correct.

Time to sell mine…:wink:

(Nick Johannessen) #8

My bad… Sorry.

For the record though, it did look pretty scruffy inside for a car claiming to have been so meticulously maintained.

(Bleasie) #9

I run the Register and have done for about ten years and the owner is one of my members in Texas
As far as I am aware all 5 220s’s are back in their origanal colours ( The Opal Fruit Cars ) RED, YELLOW, OUTRAGEOUS ORANGE, PALE BLUE, GREEN.

(Paul Wigton) #10

How nany that were used in the Race series are still operative?

(Bleasie) #11

All the race cars are still alive & well The three that went to Le Mans are OK the 5 XJ220S’s & the 10 Fastmasters cars were brought back to UK years ago and rebuilt Even 999 the Autocar Road Test car that was crashed at Goodwood in 1994 has at last been restored & gets out & about

(Nick Johannessen) #12

What happened to the notorious red prototype that was sold to the son of someone very Jaguar connected to be raced in China, then stolen from the company that was taking care of it and attempted exported to the US as a “modified XJ-S” by someone who used to own a very well respected Jaguar restoration company?

Quite the twisty tale, and as far as I know never fully divulged. There was the red 220 though.

(Bleasie) #13

Hi Nick
Yes I know about that one It’s alive and well & was owned by one of my members but he sold it a few years ago.-REG # -H 984 PVW. Iat is not the same size as the production cars Have tried to up load a photograph but it refuses

(Nick Johannessen) #14

Has the full story of it ever been told?

(Jag-ur) #15

and here’s one that will never be for sale so long as I am alive…

(Gunnar Helliesen) #16

Understandable. Beautiful car and you could drown in that paint job!

(Jag-ur) #17

That’s what you get when you spend 470000GBP for your ride. QCL was the company that painted many of the 220s including mine. Before the name was finally settled as Monza Red it was originally called Volcano. Spa silver was Frost Still attempting to find out the other three.

(Bleasie) #18

Can’t Don Law tell you Godfrey ? I have a contact that worked at Bloxham & supplied me with a lot of distribution Sheets.

(Jag-ur) #19

I’ve asked. on this topic he has no information… I only got it by chance from the back of some metal colour plates.

(Jag-ur) #20

tell you what I did get thanks to the archives… a copy of the production build sheet that was attached to the windscreen during assembly VERY clearly 272 in 3 inch high bold numbers.