Daily driving an Xj12 or xjs v12

So I daily drive my xj81 and it has almost 102k miles on it. I’ve only had it for about 2k miles and it’s been pretty good so far. I wonder how many other ppl are using their old v12 jaguars as daily drivers. and how they’ve been

V12 daily driver here!


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My XJS was a daily driver for close to 16 years.
Might still be if I hadn’t lost her to a drunk driver.

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Jabran , your on the right page, if it sits it breaks, run it baby!.
You will notice ALOT less leaks , I don’t see what year but the rear seal was much improved by 1995 with the x300 version.
Great car…keep up on the front suspension due to weight and you are fine!

I have an xj81 so an xj40 with the 6L v12 it’s a early 93 build sold as a 94

Got a passenger air bag in your car?

No it doesn’t. Just one big ugly steering wheel that I wanna replace with a 3 spoke wheel

I ain’t a 94 then, they have SRS bags on the passenger side

It is a 94 titled. It was built in 93

The v12s were off the regular line , they took time and were trial balloons for many things coming to the 1995 model.
I posted pics back in the day. I had a last year test bed v12 xj40 but had update electronics and things done to the suspension and shifting.
Great cars but the x300 changed it all.
My 92 xj6 , I LIKED but always had to tweek it that’s the way they were.
The airbag thing was common, early xj6 300 had NO GLOVE BOX to fit the passenger bag.
The demand for a glove box and updating gave you both about 3 months into production.
Your last of the xj40 v12 were SPECIAL cars assembled with the best teams.