Daimler 250 ignition timing

Could someone please put me out of my misery as I’m missing something obvious regarding the timing marks on the Daimler 250. The crankshaft damper moves clockwise and has a mark on it to line up with the pointers fitted to the front cover. That pointer has two sides to it. One side is at 90° to the damper the other side at about 45° to the damper. The side at 45° represents TDC and the side at 90° represents 10° before TDC.according to the full instructions and pictures on the old site for setting the ignition timing and here’s my problem. The mark on the damper reaches the marker for TDC before it reaches the mark for 10° before TDC; How can that be? I bought the car as a non runner after 25 years in storage and the pointer on the front cover is right at the bottom of the engine. I assume that’s correct?