Daimler Super V8 for sale on Facebook (S400 SVB) - a warning

This one As the previous owner of this vehicle, I can tell you that she needs quite a bit of work. Notably:

  • the tops of the frames of both offside doors are rotten. As the frames aren’t available (unlike those of the XJ40), you’ll need new doors. That then means that you’ll need the services of a very good paint shop, as the coachlines on these cars are very hard to match. Done properly, the whole coachline should be redone. This corrosion is probably due to the absence of the rubber in-fills in the roof guttering. Has that been replaced? Who knows? The seller certainly didn’t or, more correctly, didn’t answer.

  • both rear wheel-arches are corroded. From the photographs, it looks like they’ve been repaired but the evasiveness of the seller to my questions strongly suggests that they have been repaired with filler rather than new metal.

  • the area where the front wheel arch meets the sill is corroded on both sides. It looks like they’ve been repaired but, again, probably with filler.

  • the supercharger bearing is noisy. Again, the seller didn’t say if that had been replaced.

  • the engine was NOT replaced due to Nikasil. It was replaced because the original needed new timing chains, tensioners and tensioner guides and the donor engine (from an XKR) had already had these changed only weeks before it went into this car.

He’s asking £3,500 at the time of writing. I’d say you’d need to spend at least that again to properly get her up to snuff.

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Thanks, nice to know for member across the pond who might be tempted!