Dash Ash Trays MKIV

(Timothy M Fox) #1

Here’s an anomaly! My dash is original Jaguar but was not fitted, from new, with the recesses for ash trays. Has anyone ever seen this before? Very far sighted for Jaguar in 1948!:sunglasses:



(Ed Nantes) #2

I know new dashes have been machined here in Melbourne.
We did one ourselves for a LHD car
If it’s original it should had things lke a date stamp on the back or some penciled notations.

(Timothy M Fox) #3

Yes Ed, the date stamp is 31 3 1948!! How about that?!! I’ve never seen “Sir Bill” with a cigarette in any photo.Perhaps he was a very forward thinker after all?


(Paul Wigton) #4

And people gave props to Malcolm Bricklin for not having ashtarys in his car, in the 70s!!!

(Ed Nantes) #5

Were there ashtrays in the rear door cappings?

(Timothy M Fox) #6

Hi Ed,

Yes, there are ashtrays in the rear door cappings. It’s just going to be a Jaguar mystery, yet another curious anomaly.