Dash Instruments Wiring

Hello and Happy New Year,
While replacing my non-operating oil/water gauge, I uncovered this maze of wires (see photos). Many of them faded so that the color could not be determined and many had very brittle insulation. I would like to re-wire the instrument panel in a more orderly manor and I’m looking for a source of pre-made instrument looms (if available) or a source for the correct color coded braided insulated wire.

Very highly recommended.

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I like that flex line feeding the oil pressure gauge.

Second vote for Rhode Island Wiring Service.

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Is Rhode Island Wiring worth the premium that its harnesses sell at?

With a product like this it is not really possible to shop and compare, so I decided that the people who charge the most probably made the best product. A restoration shop near me also said they were the best. I have had two sets, for my 120 and Mark V, and both have been excellent. They are cloth covered, correct wire gauges, and color coded as per the original. With each set you also get a drawing and wire list which tells what both ends of each wire should connect to, and a double size wiring diagram.
I believe the British and Australians each have their own home favorites, but the original poster Alan is in the US.

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I’m planning to get one of those which will make life much easier if you want to loosen the dash centre to get at the wiring more easily. Coventry Auto Components list them.

I realize we all reinvent the wheel in our individual shops but here’s my take.
While the flex line makes it easier to navigate the the initial turn of the oil pipe when closing up the dash, in my limited opinion (I am a recent XK140 owner) having available pipe(s) to pull from the engine compartment is the key to getting the oil/water gauge removed. I have set mine up so by removing a few clips in the engine compartment, I can move the dash quite a bit towards the rear.

Hi Rob,
I’ll be looking for a wiring harness soon and wonder who is the Australian supplier that you mention?
Thanks and all the best.

We have been making wiring harness here in Western Australia since 1977 the first company in the world to make proper braided harness for XK120 and have supplied them to many original alloy restorations C types and SS100 etc terry tmcgrath@bigpond.com