Dash oil pressure gauge not working

replaced sending units under the bonnet, 2 checked all wires–good–no breaks. pulled instrument cluster out and i can not see any breaks in the printed circuitry. what is next?? has anybody installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge from under bonnet to inside car??----thanks michael 85xjs

i would have to say it’s something with the instrument cluster. Are you sure the metal copper strips were good where the plugs plug in?

I installed an electric oil pressure gauge. Was a PITA trying to get the plug out of the left side (where you can tap into), but I finally managed. And mine (an 88) was USA pipe threads, NOT British pipe threads.

My electric oil gauge is always higher than the Jaguar one. I trust the new electric one more. It’s usually 75 max when cold, runs around 50 when driving, and idles at 25 when warm. The Jaguar one usually reads between 20-50 only.

Some people advise against routing high pressure oil inside the passenger compartment.

Have you tried adding an additional ground wire as recommended in Kirby’s book and/or cleaning the flexiboard copper contract traces and connector pins? My wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible had some flaky instrument readings years ago (but not oil pressure gauge) and the new ground wire and cleaning seemed to have fixed those problems.

Several members have posted about adding direct reading oil pressure gauges and included pictures in their posts. I think that Greg was one of them. Perhaps he will reply. In theeantime I recommend that you search the Jag-Lovers archives for “oil pressure gauge” to see what shows up.


all connections are bright and shiny. i like Kirbeys book but there are no page numbers or index, guess i’ll be reading for a while

no way–had a line in an old truck give it up–oil bath-------how about and electric one

My oil pressure (and temp gauges) are all mechanical. I have zero concern bringing oil pressure in, however with fuel pressure I’d use an isolator.
When I did these gauges there were no electric options with a 270d sweep, which I want. Might be some now.


i feel that the electric is the best choice. michael 85 xjs