Dash top refurb

Next on my never ending list is the dash top. I figured that would be a good one to work on after everyone is in bed. Is it worth buying the sng dash top material for $266? Seems steep for foam backed vinyl. Not even sure if their vinyl has foam attached. Any other options? Cheaper, better? Don’t mind the work. Kind of relaxing. Thanks

Absolutely. It is a moulded multilayer piece and will look completely original when installed.

Anything else will not look as good.

The one I got from BAS/UK was £93.61 and an excellent fit. That’s about $116 but of course you’ll have to find out about shipping (I got mine as part of a larger order).

Dave, @montauk1989, provided some great experience/knowledge in:

Using Welsh part # BD-22732.

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I took mine to an auto upholstery shop. They have the material and the skills to do a good job. It is also cheaper than other options.

Just don’t misplace the vent screws.


Thanks. Added it to my Martin Robey order.