Daylights on XJS 1996

Is the an automatic daylight feature on an XJS 1996 2+2 Convertible from USA, or do we have to install it?

Thanks for any advise!

We don’t have an automatic almost anything on our XJSes (except tranny) :laughing: What do you mean by “daylight”? Like when the headlights turn on/off in daylight vs. darkness? :confused:

My '83 didn’t even have a glovebox light.

Daytime Running Lights. Requirement in Canada. DRL.pdf (616.8 KB)

I think you’ll have to install it. As I understand it, in the UK that requirement was typically met by connecting both headlights in series, so each headlight was only seeing 6V. I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult to wire up, perhaps requiring a relay or two.

These are a pair I purchased of the WISH site cheap as, I just needed to fit up a relay from an ignition on fuse. Problem is I need to replace them after my little of road excursion a while ago.
The other thing that I need for the Warrent of Fitness in NZ is to get them to extinguish when I have the head lights on.

I mean Daytime running lights. Is there a way to connect it simply so the headlights turn on as we start the engine?

You can do itbut you would need a relay and harness from key to jump to the light you want.
For all that hassle just turn the light switch on…
Remember modern cars draw zero, you will be drawing alot and they will burn out faster.
Others are correct 1989 was he first in Canada, most common by 1992 with all models in that country.
Turn the lights on is the easiest.
Good luck

I installed them on my MGB; being dark green, people had a habit of pulling out in front of me. I installed a relay in the ground circuit of one seal beam that defaulted to key on battery, that caused the headlights to be powered in series (circuit then grounded through the other side). Coil side fed through a diode that grounded through the marker lights- when they came on, normal headlight ground restored. I think the flash to pass doesn’t work though, never use it anyway.

Reach out to Daniel Stern here:

He’ll know what to do.

Probably not a problem, unless you have an MGB that is fast enough to pass another car? :upside_down_face:

Yes, Rover 3.9L with a 5speed and EFI. Axle ratio 3.07, so no problem with that.

Heck, our post face-lifts don’t even have a GLOVEBOX. :frowning_face: Oh well, I guess not having one means no worries about someone breaking into them … :man_shrugging:

Actualy, I found that the circuit is already there. I simply run a wire from a live wire when switch is on to the DRL fusebox, and it was done! Super easy. But what a shame to find how…