Deleted washer bottle


I recently purchased a series 2 that had been converted to a carbed 350. It seems to have been done very well, and I am very happy with it. There are a few things though. One is the installer deleted the the washer tank/bottle and pump. I guess it was in the way. Has someone come up with a solution to this? I do not wish to re-invent the wheel, if a solution is already determined.

(David Jauch) #2

How about finding the appropriate location for a tank and then just going to a junkyard and find a washer bottle that fits? Everything should drop right in. Ideally find a way to mount it, get creative. Any pump should work.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #3

Not sure as to what the washer tank and pump looks like on the S2 cars. Mine is an S3.
Located in the front left corner of the engine bay.
A brick like shape with a plastic cap. the pump is a small black cube remotely connected by hoses.

In my car it does intrude where I would like to locate the air cleaner. but, event if it doesn’t work, I left it. I did bench test the pump and it is fine.

I think David Boger at Everydayxj could come up with something that would fit and work and fit.

But, Florence might be in the way as of now!!!

Sure hope he is OK!!



I think it was in that location originally, and that is the reason it was removed. The A/C pump is mounted in that quadrant of the engine and likely interfered.