Detailed parts listing with factory codes for X300 and XJ40

I have an older XJ40 and a new to me X300. I want to know what parts, especially the frame / suspension parts are shared between them. Is there an online listing of a parts book I can buy/download that would show me the respective part numbers for the rear axles?
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I wouldn’t imagine there to be book as such but Jaguar Classic Parts’ web site is your go-to place. They have both models listed there - obvs! - and you can note down part numbers and such.

BTW, for your XJ40, Brian N on the XJ40 forum is a fount of knowledge about parts which are common to other vehicles! I recall he saved an absolute fortune when he discovered that the brake accumulator can be bought from Citroen dealers for significantly less what the dealer and others were asking. There are other examples, too.

That is the answer I was looking for. I looked up some parts on the site and once the part number was found, there is also a little box with an upward and to right pointing arrow which leads you to a further description that include all the other models that the part is used in.