Diagnostic Tool for 2018 model XF Sportbrake

Greetings to the JL crowd!
I just got back into the Jaguar ownership after a almost 10 year pause. I got a 2018 XF Sportbrake S. My fears have been confirmed. The JLR service here in my town is beyond bad. So I decide to take care of the basics by myself even though the car is under warranty and complimentary JLR service. I am looking for the best diagnostic tool out there. It should cover the basic options like ABS brake flush, etc. and since the new models require more and more software tools the diagnostic tool needs to have the battery replacement (reassignment) option, the parking brake release option for changing the rear brake pads and also the engine AUTO off and on “disable” or “keep last setting” function.
Any recommendation? I could not find any recent suggestions for these type of tools even on other JL forum channels.
Thank you!