Difference between 3,0 and 2,2 diesels?

(brueland) #1

Hi, my S-type is getting to old for regular use and I look for an XF. Just tried a 2011 3,0 which I liked even thought it had visible rust all over the rear subframe which sort of put me off. Now I sée a 2013 2,2 for sale quite some distance away. Can anyone tell me the difference in drivability? Is the latter sluggish or do the modern engine keep the appearences up?

(Brett) #2

I know very little about these engines as they’re not offered here in the States. With that said, I have heard many stories of the intake manifolds developing cracks on the 3.0 diesel. Not sure if that affects the 2.2 as well, but its what I’ve seen from hanging around different XF internet forums.