Difference between dealers when ordering parts

(Joseph) #1

Hi everyone!
I had to replace the shorter bolt-that holds both pieces of the control arm together-when I took it apart to replace the lower shock bushing. Part # JBH607181M or BH607181J. The first part # is the original one the 2nd I think is a newer one. Anyway, since I live in Naples, I first contacted the local dealer but in their answer they notified me, it’s NLA from Jaguar. Then I googled the part number and I saw it on the website of the Ft Myers Jaguar dealer. Called them, they ordered it for me and a few days later I picked it up. Price: $3.76 with tax.
So here’s my question: how come one dealer couldn’t get that bolt for me and the other one was able to? Is it something to do with (maybe too low) commission or they just didn’t want deal with such a small order or older cars? Has this or similar happened to anybody?

(Rodney ) #2

I tried ordering a jacking panel from a couple of dealers in the USA via email and was completely ignored. I did try ordering online but had to add $99999 to my order at checkout for unknown postage charges.(I live in the UK)
My son knows a guy in Washington and he tried the local dealer for the part and he said that they weren’t interested. He tried a dealer further away who said they will try and find one. I guess it’s hit and miss whether you find a parts man who cares.

(Joseph) #3

Hi Rodney!
I guess you’re right. Some dealers care more than others. This wasn’t a first time I visited the Ft Myers dealer. Although I forgot why I went there years ago but they were nice and helped me out. I’m not sure what a jacking panel is.

(Rodney ) #4

Hi Joe, its just a box section that the factory jack slides into, I was clumsy and twisted mine while lifting the car on a two post ramp. It was less than $30 which might be why they weren’t interested.
In fact I phoned my local dealer this morning looking for a locking wheel nut key, and although they are no longer listed he spent time trying to help me out.

(Joseph) #5

Alright, now I know a jacking panel, thanks. Your local dealer sounds decent. You can tell how these dealers feel about the brand. More helpful they are, bigger enthusiast and better sales people they are. No help coming from dealers? Then it’s just another job for them that pays their bills.