Dimmed headlights

I find that, at night, my headlights are simply awful! When on bright, they’re fine but when dimmed, they are terrible! They almost seem to have a block over the top part of the beam so they shine only at a short distance. Any suggestions?

The first thing I would do is check the aim. The half beam you describe is standard. It is intended to throw light down the right side ditch while not blinding oncoming drivers.

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Hey Will,

A few years ago I had to have the dealership adjust a new regular headlamp replacement
because it blocked way too much of the beam so the the lamp only lit up the center line
about 15-20 feet. Brights were fine, but I could not see anything past the 15-20 feet.
The dealership finally got it right on the third try. This looked like a piece of material
was purposely blocking the lamp beam from the top. So, there is an adjustment to be had.
Good luck,

Bob Allen

Switch to Osram Nightbreaker or Philips Pathfinder bulbs or better still also change the units for ones fitted to the X308.