Dirty fuel supply

I have been having trouble with my left hand fuel supply for many months now and as I am having to take the XJR out of circulation until the output bearings are done I thought I should address the situation.
So taking the fuel pump out it became very evident why I was having trouble;

This was the rubbish that came out of the pump :frowning:

Oh boy! You got trouble right here in River City.
I am dealing with the same issue. Removed both tanks. Cleaned and applied the red liner liquid material to the insides. Re-installed the tanks. The right one is fine but the left still has lots of crud. It is a lot of work and very disappointing when the effort fails.I have purchased a new left tank from SNG Barratt to replace the still crappy left tank.
You should do the same. The tank costs just north of $300 and IMO, well worth it. You need to have an inline filter between the tank and fuel pump. That will keep that crud you found out of your pump.
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You don’t mention what year and model Jaguar this debris was from so I have no idea if this will help you or not. But it may help others.
Attached is a picture of some of the fuel delivery system lines in the trunk of my 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas after I added the two aftermarket fuel filters (circled in blue) between the fuel tanks and the changeover valve. I got this idea from Bruce Hugo, a former list member. I made this modification to my two XJ6s and XJ12 after experiencing random fuel delivery problems that I attribute to fuel tank debris getting into the changeover valves and fuel pumps. Since adding these additional filters several years ago, but also cleaning out some fuel tanks and replacing the in tank filters, I have not had any fuel delivery problems.


I was going to mention Bruce Hugo’s solution too. I have that setup and it’s worked for the last 10 years. I wonder what, if anything, can be done for the earlier cars with ‘in-tank’ pumps?


Good point Peter, S11 1975, I have inserted an inline filter that I robbed from the ‘65 ‘S’ I am recommissioning.
Unfortunately shipping a new tank to NZ would be horrendously expensive so not an option.
Ever heard of the Kiwi No8 wire solutions?
Comes from farmers using No8 fencing wire to fix things, usually very effectively :slight_smile:

A magnet in the tank will attract that stuff, and keep it out of the pump.

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We call it baling wire. Once used on alfalfa bales. No more ? Now cord or rolls of hay!!!

I am facing the same problem with my recently acquired XJ12. Given the cost of replacing both tanks (I don’t want to mess around with trying to clean or coat them), I’m considering having an aluminum tank made to fit in the trunk. The volume sans spare tire is just enough to hold 20 gallons or so. Has anyone else gone this route?

I think it’s an idea worthwhile of investigation.

What you have to think is where you are going to mount the pump as it has to be lower, or at least at the same level, with the bottom of the tank so you don’t have priming issues. Unless ofcourse if you put an in-tank pump.
Then it’s the sender and the access to it.
You also need to consider that you have a big flat surface at the bottom, you will need some kind if “collector” so the pump doesn’t starve when the fuel is low and slashes around.

It will definitely simplify plumbing…!
You could even mount the spare at the empty fender, that would be neat !



even the replacement of a regular steel tank with an aluminum tank would require individual pressure testing and certification in this part of the world. Installation of an entirely new tank system would be very hard to have certified by a test engineer and you’d probably lose authenticity as a historic vehicle including tax and emission benefits.

Given that I wouldn’t have to think a lot. New tanks run around 250 EUR/ea. It depends on the condition of your quarter panels and rear valance whether it’s worth to just redo this part of the car while you’re at the tanks anyhow. New hoses and fuel filters before the pumps, new rubber seals at the filler caps and the water drains cleared and chances are even the original tank setup will outlive you, if you try to keep the unused tank full during future use.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)