Distributor Pickup Coil Survey

(Greg) #1

Kind of a survey I’m curious about:

How many of you have replaced your distributor pickup coil in your HE V12 Lucas distributor with an aftermarket one? part AEU1721?

If so, do you see that the black and red wires coming out of the distributor will not line up with the plug wires going to the amp? Here is a photo of mine.

When you plugged it in this way, did everything run fine?



(David Jauch) #2

Kirbert asked you to flip the connection with jumper wires. Did you do that?
Should it work out favorably consider it fixable and the mistake to be a manufacturing error, should it not change I’d go back to worrying about setting up a fault-finding sheet with the dozens of great suggestions that could be it. One might well be it.
And always start with the easiest thing to check - try that and come back the next round when you feel like it and it still doesn’t run.
I’d just get a sheet of paper and make a list - i.e. exhaust clogged. First time you feel the tailpipes and look for differences. Second time you kick the converters, third time you look inside. Also give it a while of thought for plausibility and sketch up how things work together. That always helps me and spares me hours of working inside the car.
Did you check the old forum sides XJ and XJS pages for the non-start checklist?

(Greg) #3

I won’t have time to get back to the car until this weekend or next, but I will.

I am getting that sheet together, thanks. And yes, I’m sifting through those checklists.


I have the OEM pickup. I’ll reverse it in the AM with jumpers and report back.

I am no electrical engineer, and I don’t want to sidetrack the other thread with unbiased opinions, but my brain’s gut tells me it’ll be “no difference”. Science gets the last word though.

The No-start checklist I think you’re looking for is on jaguarforums dot com’s xjs page, stickies at top.

An actual list to work through just isn’t easy to make for all possible failure modes. It would have to be a decision-tree based structure with a very large number of interconnected possible paths

(Greg) #5

Thanks, but I’d feel terrible if it messed up your car, just in case…so please don’t try.
I was more curious about anybody who has replaced their OEM one.

(Aristides Balanos) #6

Well, here is a photo of my OEM Pickup Coil from when I overhauled my Distributor.
You can clearly see it’s the other way around…

Why did you have to change it anyway? They seldom fail.
Maybe put back your original and try again?


(Greg) #7

I replaced it because I discovered under the PO that the star wheel had chipped off it’s teeth due to no air gap. So I assumed the original pickup coil was compromised, since the teeth were scraping on it. Also, the wires were quite worn.


Well a downpour prevented me from swapping mine around this morning anyway.

Does your connector at the amp still have the plastic plug intact? Or has it deteriorated away like mine leaving the spade connectors behind. Either way, you can just crimp new spade terminals on the pickup that you have and swap its connections. The spaces are two different sizes so you can’t just swap them as-is.