Do I need a filter before the fuel pump?

I just completed a re-lining of my gas tanks. The original little paper filter on the fuel tank intake tube was not re-usable and they can not be obtained from any parts suppliers. Do I need to install an in-line filter between the tank and the fuel pump or will the bulkhead filter be adequate?
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Hi Phillip - if you’re talking about the nylon plastic screen filter inside the tank that goes on the end of the pickup tube you can still get it:!/English/parts/fe4f3099-20ee-47e1-a643-c64523627635

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Hmmm, paper filter? You didn’t mention what year and model Jaguar you have but the Series II and III saloons used a nylon filter screen on the in tank pickup tube. The Jaguar part number is C29445 and they are readily available at a number of USA suppliers. If you live elsewhere you should be able to get theM as well.


The upstream filters protect the fuel pump valves - even minute amounts of grit can cause the valve seats to fail so yes, upstream filters are necessary. On my 1971 series 1 a PO fitted a filter in each of the hose lines between the tanks and pumps - easily accessible in the boot (trunk) cavity for inspection and replacement.


While the proper in-tank filter is available, Phillip - some swear by inline filters as well, but omitting the in-tank filters is not ‘advisable’…:slight_smile:

The in-tank filter will prevent large particle from entering the fuel system - and will also protect eventual inline filters from premature clogging. Arguably; with carb systems are more vulnerable to particulate contamination. The high pressure pumps used on EFI are tough customers, chewing through particles passing the in-tank filter - and the fine remnants to be caught in the main filter…

No harm in fitting inline filters - at worst they are early warning systems for detecting tank deterioration, or a failed in-tank filter…

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Well Phillip, my Fuel Pump sized by a small debris lodging itself in the pumps impeller…
Inline Fuel Filters it is !

Regardless, you have nothing to loose but a couple of bucks.


I’m adding a vote for additional filters between the tanks and the pump. I fitted a pair on the basis that it can’t hurt.


Ok!!! Multiple filters it is. I learned something today. Maybe there’s still hope for me.
Thanks for all the great help.

Wow! That’s the cleanest boot I ever did see. I’m going to make mine look just like that.
Thanks for the photo.

[quote=“Paul_M_Novak2, post:3, topic:364492”]
Hmmm, paper filter? You didn’t mention what year and model Jaguar you have but the Series II and III saloons used a nylon filter screen on the in tank pickup tube. [/quote]

The condition of mine was so bad I thought the nylon screen was some sort of paper. Thanks for the info. BTW, mine is a 1976 XJ12C.

Dooly noted. Thank you. I will do as suggested.

Yes, add my vote (I had a pump get stuck) but the filters should allow for enough flow. The „socks“ are still available but I‘d do away with them then. Maybe the crud even starts to settle in the filter instead of in the tank then which might be better as only condensation would need to be drained?
By the way if these should ever become unobtainable, there are very fine wire mesh screens for aquariums in the correct size. Cheap, stainless, maybe fine enough or pull a sock over them.
There are glass filters as shown in the beautiful trunk.

I’d have to add my vote for filters before the pump too.
If the fuel tanks start to rust the nylon strainer will trap larger particles. The problem is the very fine dust size rust particles. Given chance these form a sludge in the selector valve - until it starts to stick. Then you get the infamous problem of drawing fuel from one tank and returning to the other etc.
That was the first sign of rusty fuel tank problems that my car showed.
It can’t do the fuel pump much good either.
I replaced the fuel tanks a few years ago, and selector valve. Also fitted prefilters having decided I’d leaned a lesson.

BTW, I have three Series III saloons, two XJ6s and an XJ12, and I added two aftermarket fuel filters to each of them between the fuel tanks and the changeover valves. I first got this idea from former Jag-Lovers member Bruce Hugo after I had some random fuel pump problems. I am certain that if you search the Jag-Lovers archives under Bruce’s name and “fuel filters” you will find a lot of helpful information. Bruce passed away but he owned an excellent Series III XJ6 and provided a lot of valuable input to this list. I believe that the lack of fuel delivery problems in my saloons is due to the new fuel strainers that I installed in each tank and the new inline fuel filters.