Do we have a "where do you live" map?

(Mike B) #1

Another site I’m on lets you put a pin on a map that’s visible to everyone. It helps people find nearby helpful members, etc. I don’t know if it just involves setting up something with google maps or… ?? not my area of expertise.

Just thought I’d mention it if it hasn’t already been done and I’m just blind :joy:

Thanks for keeping jag-lovers going. It’s been valuable to me on and off for more than 10 years. I signed up for patreon but I think it does not begin until June 1.

(Andrew Waugh) #2

We haven’t got an “official” JL member map. Given the number of members it would probably be unreadable unless you could filter the display by model.

There is a “Locations” plugin for the software, but the last time I looked it wasn’t working properly - I’ll have another look.

We do have the “Location” and “National Flag” fields in preferences>>profile, but there is (as far as I know) no useful way to search those fields.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #3

It’s pretty easy to set up, it could be a link under the user profile. apart of the registration could include an address or enable “location”, then have abutton that points to google maps “share your location” and then copy the URL and poof! a map. here’s two options:
this is an embedded URL

below is a shared URL which could be tied to a button.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Sharing your location like that isn’t much more than a more precise version of people adding more detail to their “Locations” field in preferences.

What I’d like to see is a searchable/editable map so that users can do things like:

  • Search for E-Type owners in Oregon, to see who might be interested in a group run.

  • Search for JL members near Mettmenstetten, to be able to see who to ask to go and look at a car they’re thinking of purchasing.

  • Post a meeting point and planned route for a group run starting in… the parking lot of Atomske Toplize near Podčetrtek with a route to Buče.

  • Tag a shop in Milton which rewinds Lucas starters and generators.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #5

I do like that too. Let me poke around and see what I can come up with.

This will require some coding to work properly. Here’s the link to google’s API choices

You’ll need the places SDK – to load “points of interest”

And the maps SDK – to display the points of interest based on location.

The way that I see this working is as follows.

(Andrew Waugh) #6

Here is the plugin I referred to above:

Have a look at that before you start coding stuff.

Between the static (wordpress) stuff and running the forum we’re already full up with stuff to do. If there is a plugin for the forum software which does what we want then that’s a lot easier.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #7

I will, thank you – gotta get to work

(Mike B) #8

I could be wrong but I think all the work is done if you use zeemaps

Mark your place on the map:
the password to add a marker is [password]

This is the type of setup I liked on the other site. You can see any pins near you and then find out who it is from that.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #9

I like this! It does work well, and frankly I’m not a fan of Google. I think they’ve gotten too big for their britches. Z map. I like.

I tried to add a simple marker but the password of password failed.

(Mike B) #10

That’s the map from Jaguarforums. , for F-Types. We would want a separate map for XJ-S

They have a separate map for each model, iirc.

I agree 100% about google :slight_smile:

Just a pinned thread for the map in each model subforum

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #11

I added mine to the zmap

(Paul Wigton) #12

OK: where’s the link for “Ex-E Type Owners Locations?”


(Mike B) #13

I set this up MLee. Are you able to put a pin on the map too?

Jag-lovers XJS owners map

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #14

I clicked on the link using fox fire and Internet Explorer both failed with this message

(Mike B) #15

That would be because i’m a dumdum and left off a digit :slight_smile:

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #16

Thanx for the update Mike, I’ve added my location to the map.

Thanx again,


(Paul Wigton) #17

Just for XJSers?

Where’s the E Type map?


(chris gruchawka 1988 XJ-SC) #18

Use a color scheme for pins/models?

(Mike B) #19

Other forums that use this just have a separate map for each model. There is no cost for additional maps, and I think it is better so it does not get too cluttered.