Do yourself a favor and buy an OBD Scanner

Anyone who decides to buy one of these beast I congratulate you! But I must also tell you the importance of buying an OBD Scanner as well. F-Types can be finicky and I’ve had my share of scares but once I purchased my scanner it made it easier to determine the importance of a check engine alarm. Doesn’t have to be an expensive one but one that will put your mind at ease when that dreaded light shows itself. I keep mine in the back tucked away all the time.


Welcome to the Forums Cooper (first or last name?) and congrats on the F, is this your first Jaguar or are you afflicted with more like a large number on here :innocent:

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My first but I’ve had it for almost 4 years. Love/hate relationship.

And to think I am looking at these F-types after E-types, XJ’s and XJS’s. Oh, forgot the current XK8, and it’s ‘light display’ that is currently off. Crossed fingers and toes.

I completely agree. Not sure how you could own a modern a Jag without a scanner.

I have had two types of OBD II scanners.
The first was a basic wired plug in that showed the codes and you could erase them.
A second one I got was a Bluetooth connected one which has lots of advantages.
The only disadvantage is, you need to build a profile for each vehicle.
So you can’t just plug it into your friends car and see what’s up.

I recently bought a Bluetooth scanner as well and it blows the wired one I have out of the water. It can do SO much more. I was reluctant to make the switch for so long because historically the ones made by the best brands were wired, but the wireless ones seem to have really caught up.

Same. I just got a Bluetooth one too. Very impressive.

Brett and Gunnar, stop teasing which BT did you go with?

Bluedriver. I read the tests and it seemed like a good choice. Their website also said they support my 2014 F-Type S, so that was important, of course. Also, no subscription. Pay once and done.

I haven’t had a chance to play with all the functionality yet, but so far it looks good.

I got one of the ThinkDiag scanners. Its done everything I need it to do so far though I haven’t tried anything complex like programming a key. Last year it gave me enough data to prevent me from purchasing a new-to-me car to replace my old one after a transmission shop gave me a bogus diagnosis. For that alone, its easily paid for itself.

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