Does this gearbox fit the XK 150


I’ve got lots of Jag parts in my garage I’ve inherited and not sure which car they’re for. Any help would be most welcome. Andy

Look for a serial number on the upper rear corner left hand side of the cast iron main case. That may indicate what model it came out of. The bracket on top of the bell housing leads me to suspect it is out of a saloon. Is there a top cover?

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I don’t think it’s XK with that rear mounting. More like mk2


The tension rod support at the top of the bellhousing is not from an XK chassis.

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Thanks Rob

I’m struggling to locate that. Can you possibly point out in some of these photos where I should look please?

Oh by the way Rob there is no top cover.

This is MKII and probably MKI gearbox not ideal for an XK150 that peg at back of gearbox would need cutting off bellhousing only really suitable for 108 tooth flywheel and matching starter but like most things you can make anything fit if you have to !

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Andy…the gearbox number will be stamped here on this raised corner a Rob,s photo shows
2024-01-29 16.44.28

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Thanks Steve

Hey guys, @MGCJAG , @Rob_Reilly

Thanks for your help., I’ve enclosed the number as shown.

Excellent photo.
GBN was used in Mark 1, Mark 2, 3.4 S-Type and 3.8 S-Type.
JS means it has shaved gears, which means they were different from the standard gears.
The missing top cover looks like this.

Include that photo when you advertise it in the Classifieds forum.
I’m not sure of the rules, but I think it is ok to mention on the Saloons forum that you have an advert in the Classifieds, and directing people thither to conduct the business.

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Gearbox id info here care of @Rob_Reilly

Hmm, that list dates from about 1999, and since then there has been some new information. I could make a few additions to it. I wonder if the admins can edit it?

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yes nice photo but what I noted below is still correct

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Thank you again everyone for your wisdom.

It seems it is probably for a MK2 poss Mk1 or s-type 2.4 or 3.4

I’m now wondering what it could be worth to someone if at all.

Will post in Saloons and see what people say.