Don't Have Time or Space - Might Sale

(Hap Pann) #1

Several years ago, I started my second lump, this on my 94 XJS 12, Sold the 12 engine and trans, replace with a 1996/7 CamAm with low miles and running strong.Insurance totoaled the CamAm for rear end collision. I started the CamAm and ran it before I purchase it. I purchase a kit from John’s Car of Texas, what a disappointing experience that was. I replaced the springs, had front steering rack rebuild while engine bay was empty. Tachometer recalibrated, I had the CamAm wire harness sent out to a professional severice to have it labled and redo. I purchase the pre-cut drive shaft. Had the wire harness sent to John’s Car of Texas, got that back 16 months later (unbelievable). I purchase his heavy duty radiator, have a box of hoses, manual, instructions, the engine is mounted in the car. I had to relocate could on put the car in storage, no one would allow me to work on it, just store it. Its been over seven years, and I just purchase 96 XJS with the rear fairing. I think I going to sell it. For the last few years its been siting a garage where there is no electric and not chance of me finishing the project. I am just frustrated with not being able to finish this another year. Now since I purchase the 96 XJS, I am more a peace with having the 96 and not the 94 lump. Maybe I’m just venting, sure can’t share this with the wife, after the money I spend on it. . . lol

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

real bad. I used a Johns crs kit on my 83 xj6. I was more than pleased. That was circa 2002!!! I was not aware tht John offered a ewvamp of the harness. I used a guy that has retired., Not good, but at last got it to work correctly $$$


(Hap Pann) #3

He kept telling me that, the older gentleman who work on the wiring harness was out sick. Month after month I kept hearing the same story. After a while, I’m not trying to get this guy to uspset with my persistence, but I did not want him to sent it back with out the work done! I don’t know if they are still in business, but they should remember me with all the phone calls concerning it. And I spend good money with him, this was the second kit I purchase from him. I just don’t understand it ? ? ??

(phillip keeter) #4

Sorry for your bad experience. That’s a tough position to be in.
You will have a tough time selling an unfinished lump. I would suggest finding a decent garage to rent, finish the install, get it running well and then sell it.
Good luck,

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #5

Hap Check on “Broken Kitty”. The web site as I recall. From other sources I’ve hard that the in house conversion aspect is dormant. And that conversion kit sales has slowed or ceased. But, the jaguar parts aspect continues.

I think the "older’ gemtleman is Bill. Mostly there to attend to the electrics on John’s big love , his RR. No, I’m not kidding. Bill helped me a lot with the electrickery on my swap. John asked him to. Is it john that continualy puts you off?? Unlike him.

Plan B; Invest some more money. I sold my used LT1 harness for a c note. I bought a custom unit. Good idea? Lousy execution. Cost '$ to find and fix the errors. Shop for one and start over. revamp the LT1 unit. Were I to do another, I would do that. A M manual and a Jag schematic to figure out the interplay.

Good help by Andrew at jaguar-specialties.