Door handle discovery

It never occurred to me that perhaps I shouldn’t trust a set of repro door handles and escutcheons for my 140DHC…

Silly me. I’ve been struggling to get the twisted door handle shaft not to bind on the hole in the door when turned. In desperation I dug out the old door handles, and discovered that the chromed escutcheon the door handle sits in was handed from the factory. It doesn’t sit flat on the doorskin but is thicker at the top and the front. Guess what? The repros are flat…
There was nothing wrong with my doorskin panel replacement after all, I was thinking it was my metalwork at fault. I have reverted to the originals and everything lines up beautifully.

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Ah, yes, same with 120, the 2-hole base is taller on the rear.

It is. It’s thicker towards the rear of the car, too. All this puts the handle shaft at the correct angle, which the repros the suppliers sell don’t, which puts extra strain on the latch mechanism and, worse, on the woodscrews holding the door handle on.
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