Door lock disk reset

Hello Everybody
I want to try to reset the lock barrel disks from a replacement handle to work with the the original key. I have a copy of the Jaguar tech sheet explaining the procedures, however the original barrel disks I want to use are from the right door and I need to reset the left door lock. I know the key rotation is opposite right to left, so do I have to find a left lock barrel or can I just flip the disks over to make it work properly? IS THERE ANY PHYSICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE LEFT & RIGHT LOCK BARRELS (which is the specific root of the question I have)
Thanks for any and all replies.

I think you will find that the barrels are the same, it’s probably the linkage attached which is handed.

Thanks Rodney for your reply. You have encouraged me to proceed and at least remove the barrels from the handles for inspection. I hesitated to do anything right now if I had any thought that left & right sides were different. If visual inspection confirms the barrels are the same, I will purchase the lock rebuild kit I found on line. Wish me luck.