Door stops MK IV

Hi all does anybody have the dimensions of the door stops for a MK IV so I can have some made as per the picture, I think there may be two different ones for front and back doors
door stay

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Hi Mike, checking the Parts Catalogues gives a start, but not an answer.

1946-48 LHD 1 1/2L & 3 /12L page 55 shows:
N.S. and O.S. used BD.670 Check-Strap Assembly front and rear doors.

1 1/2L page 55 also uses BD.670 Check-Strap

1938-1947 3 1/2L RHD and ‘100’ page 57
Saloon uses 2074 Check-Strap
Drop Head uses 2256 Check-Strap

Mark V lists saloons on page 67 BD.2415 and BD.2513 Strap only for fronts and page 69 BD.2416 and BD.2513 Strap only for rears.

Mark V lists coupe on page 107 BD.3105 and BD.4751 Strap only.

Perhaps you can narrow down your choices here by using a parts catalogue with year and chassis number. Otherwise, you may get dimensions for an incorrect part. For example, I have a friend with a '48 LHD saloon that might be checked for measurements and photographs, but it could be incorrect for your car.

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Your picture looks nothing like what is on my '38 SS, but exactly like my '50 Mark V.
I made mine out of stainless steel 5/16" diameter blank rod end bolts.
I can’t remember where I got them but it might have been from McMaster-Carr.
6065K161_Rod End Bolt BlankM

Thanks both
Looks like I need to some digging for the correct door stop, my car is in transit at the moment so I cannot look at it but I seem to remember that one door had one on it and it was mechanical not a strap, I will come back to you if I find them, there is a mechanical one on eBay at the moment but its the guy from OZ asking stupid money for MK IV items

Hi Mike, the term “strap” refers to the metal items such as in your picture. I suspect the term continued in usage after the leather straps used as door limiters in early cars (e.g., 1930 Ford Model A) were replaced with metal items.

AHH I see, like a lot of terms carried over in language, Like a fifth wheel attachment on a articulated truck (Semi in US speak)

I will carry on looking