Door won't stay open

Hi there!
I don’t know what to call the part I am looking for, but is the “S” shaped piece of steel rod that helps keep the door open while you are getting in or out. Mine broke on the driver side (of course) and its absence is a real inconvenience! I’m 75 years old and it is hard enough getting in and out of my 90 XJ-S without having to fight off the door as well. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Information as to how to install it would be appreciated too. It doesn’t look like much fun.
Thank you!

Michael, if you have a LHD car, the part no. for the upper complete hinge is RTC-1668, and the lower hinge ass’y is RTC-1670. I don’t know if you could buy just the spring, but you could try contacting :Everyday XJ" and ask.

To replace that S-shaped spring requires getting the hinge out of the car anyway, so you might as well just go ahead and buy a new hinge. I went to the effort of forming a replacement spring; in the end it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Hi Dave!
It turns out that I own an extra top hinge with an intact spring that
I acquired years ago to deal with the sagging driver side door.
Another project that I have yet to get around to. :slight_smile: I have a plan,
though. I am going to use a pair of ratchet operated tie-down straps
to hang the door from the window frame while I replace the top hinge.
Probably more to it than that, but it’s a start!
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Michael, it must be your lucky day. I searched for hinges, and could not believe how valuable even a used one could be. Hanging the door sounds like a good plan- replacing door hinges, especially by yourself, can be challenging. This is a picture of my happy wife, delighted to be out in the cold garage in the middle of winter, helping with door hinges on my old truck, probably ten years ago!
Use plenty of tape to protect the edges!

I found it helped to open the door and then use a floor jack under it with some stuff to protect the door. Jacked it up just enough to support the weight, and located near the balance point. That way the assistant only needs to keep it from falling over.

That’s how I do it, too. At the bottom of the photo there is a rubber floor mat protecting the door from the floor jack below it!

That truck looks like a '59-'60 Chevy. One of my favorite models, at
least from '60 on. I didn’t care for the “eyebrows” on the hood in
'59. :slight_smile: Your wife must be a good sport!
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