Doors wont lock

My doors will not lock, it does a double deep. Has anyone experienced this or knows what the issue may be???

Welcome Latosha. Can you give us some more info? What year is your car? Also, are they not locking when using the dash buttons or the transponder?

2015 jaguar xf…wont lock with the key fob or by pressing the manual lock buttons in the inside of the car. The unlock button makes no sound, but i can hear a little clicking sound when i press the lock button but no movement.

Sounds like you may have a defective door lock motor on one of the doors. If one is faulty, it will cause issues with all of them as the car attempts to lock the doors but registers the fault.

A double beep does indicate that the system thinks one of the doors is open. Each door latch module has a switch (door ajar switch) and if any of these are faulty or fail to send the closed signal, the system won’t lock the doors. This is also true of the boot and it has been known that a wire breaks in the flexible part between the lid and the body. This is the bit in the convoluted rubber sleeve.

I am bit surprised that nothing is showing up in the driver’s information display. On my earlier XF, if anything is open you get a warning message

Thanks for the feedback