Driver's door open

Ok so I went to come to work this morning and when I opened my door the window dropped like usual, but when I closed it, it didn’t go up and I saw my driver’s door open light on the dash. I tried opening and closing the door and still showed open. I got out and tried actuating the door mechanism and it showed closed. I opened the mechanism again and got in and closed the door. Still says open. I had to leave so I just left with it saying open. Of course when I got out at work I had to manually raise the window so it would be sealed, luckily it’s raining today drrrrrrr!

Likely the driver door switch or its wiring.

Looking at the pin connections, I’d say it is probably part of the latch assembly

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I did the window reset several times. I’ll want to check the battery voltage, but I think it’s fine. I’m leaning towards the door switch too, but I’m going to have to look at it. It works if I push on the door, then unlatches again. I went out and threw the latch several times with a screwdriver at break and shot some we in the mechanism. I found that if I push on it and hit lock it locks, but then within a couple of seconds the alarm starts going off. I got it to close with the window up, so hopefully it doesn’t drop back down. I’ll go look at lunch

We’ll see how long it lasts, but I looked in my spare parts area and found a right side assembly, of course it was missing the micro switch! Drrrrr! I rooted around a little more and lo and behold I found a left assembly! I tested it and it seems to be working. I looked where the micro switch is and thought hmmm maybe I’ll try shooting some electrical components cleaner in there and then some silicone spray. I went to the car and started it and it still showed driver’s door open. I took my cleaner and blasted it then worked the mechanism a few times. I let it dry then shot some silicone spray in. I actuated the latch and the light went off! Wooohoooooo! I did have to reteach the window, which doesn’t surprise me because I was messing with stuff. Like I said, we’ll see, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!