Driving lights for MK IV

Any positive answer on original placement of driving lights… Narrow inside overriders or outside and wide spread. Mounting brackets on bumper could be turned in or out. Opinions?

Gust Nelson

You can’t turn the brackets outwards if you have the over riders mounted

For looks I think mounted outside looks best
Technically mounted inwards is illegal here. being too close together… Not that stops owners.

According to many factory photos, MK IV staying in the UK or exported to Australia had lights on the outside, whereas cars destined for the US had them on the inside, to allow overriders spread out for protection against larger and often higher American car bumpers. American city dwellers parked by sound. The original sensors.

Thanks much. We came to that conckusion

I should point out , that just ost war there were currency restrictions. And MK IVs imported to Australia, came less mascots and fog lamp brackets, which were made here. Presumably being enough to get the cost into a lower tax bracket. These brackets curved inwards and backwards which did help keep the fog laps away from other cars. And did clear the over riders
These over riders wer e much more slender, elegant and better looking than the factory supplied items which to me look like refugees from the Vanguard factory The 2 pics, earlier with over riders and later with them removed and foglamps put outwards.


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Hope my resto is worthy of pics like the one you just sent.



Will include my “van guardian” overriders in my final pics. Realistically just wiring and tidying up das and panels. She ran like a dream going into resto. Shall see how 3 years of sitting has affected the old girl. Thanks for all your help over the years on the mk IV, mkV and others. Am finally cleaning house at 71. Keeping the MK IV, 40 Packard conv. And my 53 mercedes 220a cab.

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