Dumb Question Dept.: Heater Hose Connector Tool?

Ahoy !
Has anyone found or made a handy tool for the Ford-type heater hose (not actually quick) connector used in the S-Type ? I’ve seen several styles advertised but, I’d like to know what people have successfully or unsuccessfully used on the S-type.
In truth, I wrestle with those connectors.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.

You mean these quick connectors, easy to connect when new on the assembly line, but hard to disconnect after 14 years.
You have to squeeze those nubs in, then it pulls off. I think I used long nose pliers. I recall there was an o-ring seal inside the hose end.

Yep, those are the little dears. And that artificial heart aux. pump configuration is a more formidable opponent than the angel who wrestled with Jacob. Yes, there is an “O” ring within.
Everybody’s hands are different. My main difficulty is trying to grip pliers in place whilst pulling and wringing connector and hose. A tool that would freely maintain compression all on its own would be the ticket for me.
NAPA sell blister pack “onesies” of the retaining clip; however, I hope to be able to locate a source for bulk purchase so that I’m covered.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U. S. A.

I’ve changed that contraption twice, and now this fall I find I’m getting no heat so it may be coming up thrice. It’s a pain. My past experiences are in the archives. Once it was a broken wire in the connector, tricky to solder.
Fortunately it is a Ford part and there are aftermarket alternatives.