Dunlop Tire Manufacture Date?

I just listed a set of Dunlap wheels and tires in the classifieds and had a question regarding the build date on the tires. There was nothing on the outer sidewall that resembled a date. However on the inside there were two numbers and I am guessing one of them is the date of manufacture-022598 (Feb 25 1998) Yes?

Three of the four tires appear to have never touched the pavement.

Thanks - Kevin

I’m no expert but I think the dates were usually in a cartouche like that ‘077’ you show. As I recall, prior to this century the years were shown as single digits – WWY – so that 077 may indicate the 7th week of 1997.

In any case, suitable only for a tree swing or driveway marker IMO.

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Not sure I’d trust those cracked sidewalls on a tire swing. But then again I swing with great abandon.


Here’s some info that may help

Before/after 2000 makes a difference

I was recently looking at a slew of old tires where DOT numbers simply didn’t follow either of the patterns mentioned in the above links. They might’ve been from the 70s or 80s for all I know


I hope whomever buys them offa ya, has a poor understanding of the American legal system…:smirk:

I think you’ll find that the wheels and tyres are Dunlop, not Dunlap…

Yep. Can’t even chalk that one up to a typo as “a” and “o” are on opposite sides of the keyboard. My bad!

I bought a set of five Dunlop SP5s 27 years ago. Still have them. Zero miles. Their sidewalls aren’t checked like those in the above pics but I still wouldn’t consider driving on them. I saw a similarly stale dated NOS set for sale at Hershey last year for a grand or so. Suitable for show only.