Dynalite/Powerlite positive earth dynamo-lookalike alternator conversion kit


Hardly used, around half price $250, complete with extra micro-ver upgrade (Rob Beere conversion pulleys) if required.

Call 910 398 3620


Cost of shipping or pickup by arrangement, will ship worldwide.

The kit is a direct fit for 3.8 E-Types and other Jags with a C45 generator (not the power-steering/rev-counter drive generators).

This post is very old but did you end up selling it? I’m looking for one.

No, never really tried selling it so it’s all still here. Where are you?

I’m in Pittsburgh. My car is a 1962 3.8L E Type so it seems like this would fit if it’s still for sale.

My generator is a C42 - would this still work?

It comes with its own generator and they all mount the same way and it comes with fasteners & adjusters. This came off a 62 after very little use because the owner wanted neg earth…

Ok great. I’m interested in buying it so let me know how to proceed from here. Thanks.

Send yr address phone and I can mail to you tomorrow if you paypal me$275 plus shipping (heavy item). Am going to UK on Sat so will conclude tomorrow.

Thanks Peter. I will email again you at the address you provided.