[E-Type] 70 ots windscreen wipers


Last week I put up a short post on the failure of the wipers to work on my 70
ots. Had some time yesterday and discovered that the motor was loose and that
was the problem!

Noticed that the motor could be shifted slightly and decided to try moving it
when the switch turned on. Wipers immediately began to work. YEA! No other work
necessary at this time. Will tighten up the unit and hopefully that will do it.

I do however need some additional help. As only our cars can do, having fixed
the wiper motor, I was happily driving the car yesterday when OFF FLEW the
assembly that holds the wiper blade. Not the arm itself, but the blade holder. I
must have accidentally hit the release when I was working on the motor. No
chance of recovering the part as I was traveling about 75 MPH, just sort of
watched it go by or was it bye-bye. :o)

Before I rush out and order a replacement part do any of you have an extra
wiper blade holder that I could buy? Or should I just order one from one of the
suppliers as I need new blades in all 3 anyway?

Thanks in advance