[E-Type] another day at the track

I almost miss the track day at Moroso today, as for some reason I was
convinced all along it was on sunday 3/29. When I woke up this morning, a
bit late… I suddenly realized… the 29th was today… rushed to the
track (just over an hour away…) and got there around 10 having missed
about an hour of track time…

Car ran great… the carb leaking and missfire in corners is gone… not
sure why since all they did on tuesday at the shop was pull the 4 carbs and
reset the floats to stock settings… also drilled a hole in the air filter
housings for the second bowl vent hole, that wasn’t drilled but I don’ see
how it would affect the oveflow… I also changed the fuel pressure
regulator with one that’s adjustable from 1 to 6 psi, instead of the holey
that came with pump that wa adjustable from 4 to 10. Not sure if that did
it… time will tell since this has been creeping back up after a while each

did about 140 track miles, couple of hours alltogether…

LEarned 2 lessons… first… remember to flush brake fluids more than
once a year / 8 track days … too much… brake pedal didn’t feel

nr two was … a 3500lbs V12 E-type on 15" street rubber can outrun a Miata
on the straight… but… it will not keep up with it in a corner
especailly if the Miata is on race tires… I had let him by on the front
straight knowing he’de be faster in the 5 or 6 following corners but somehow
tried to stay with him in the long 180 left hander at the end of the front
straight… didn’t work… rear started stepping out, corrected,
corrected, till I just ran out of steering into a very gentle spin… back
end passing the front end into a 270 deg… let go of the brakes at the
very end to back away from the center towards the curb and let traffic
thru safely … some very fast 911 GT3s, etc who all made it thru ok…

Otherwise, it was a ton of fun… as usual. The E-type is so
predictable… I got the rear loose a few times, takes very little opposite
steering to bring it back… and it’s very stable at high speed, rock
solid… consistently hitting 110-/120 on the front straight… no tendency
to lift or get light… does seem that the higher the speed, the most
stable the car is!

i got some onboard clips will capture and upload… unfortunately I didn’t
have the camcorder rolling during the spin…

Next will be Lime Rock… can’t wait!

72 2+2

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