E-Type brochures

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My Name is Michal. I have a question regarding E-Type brochures. I have two early E-Type brochures. Both seem to be original “launch” brochures as they lack the “road test page”. One is 12 pages and has an imprint “printed in England, by Adam Bros. & Shardlow Ltd”. Another one has an additional page (14 pages) with dimensions but no imprint. All other E-TYPE brochures I have seen on ebay have the road test page (they are 16 pages brochures). Are my brochures missing something or are they mentioned “launch” editions? Please find photos attached.

There is an “Old Site” of this website (see top header) wherein a section titled “Brochures” and then sort by “E-Type” has some relevant information which should answer some of your questions. I pasted the info. below.

\ 119x20 Jaguar E-Type
\ 119x20 1961
\ 119x20 UK
\ 119x20 E-Type
\ 119x20 10-14pp inc covers, 12 x 9 inch
\ 119x20 The E-Type Launch Brochure from 1961

This brochure came in several bindings throughout its life. The first two editions in 1961-62 had spiral metal binders while all later ones had plastic comb binders. Best ones have a protective paper sheet bound in to stop the covers being damaged during transit but the dealers often removed these. There are reprints - compared with the original, the covers have a much more dull finish.

The earliest edition available at the E-Type launch was printed before the road tests were available - this means that launch copies have no road test pages nor do they have the two pages with the line drawings leaving the first edition with 8 internal page sides rather than 12. So a true ‘Launch’ brochure does not have the road test reprints in it and are thus comparatively rare. You can spot genuine versions of this first launch edition by the fact that page 8 (captioned The Jaguar E Type G.T. Open Two Seater) has the ‘Printed in England by Adams Bros and Shardlow Ltd., Leicester’ imprint at the bottom right hand corner. The later editions have this on page 12 - this also allows you spot the fakes where the someone has simply cut out the last pages! The one shown below is the second edition with all pages.