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<<No help on the gearbox; but, what is “#2” condition" and what are the

This is from a 1-5 scale as described in Collector Car & Truck magazine or one
of the other old car bibles. I’m not sure if I have the title right, but it’s
the magazine that is laid out like a blue book and publishes nationwide
auction results monthly.
I’ll paraphrase the scale here:
#1 Absolute perfection. Ground up, nut and bolt restoration, concourse
trailer queen OR mega low mileage preservation class car.
#2 Well done superficial restoration with excellent interior and solid
mechanicals. Not perfect, but needs nothing.
#3 Good mechanicals, safely drivable as is, good interior maybe w/ torn seats,
surface dings but NO RUST
#4 A few adjustments will get it running, but not for long. You can drive it
home, but probably not to work the next day. Minor rust, tatty interior,
needs restoration. Also includes highly modified cars as in lumped Jags,
although a lumped Jag in otherwise excellent condition will be regarded as a
good #3.
#5 Basket case. Anywhere from good complete pile of parts on a rustbucket to
the only thing salvagable is the title.

This scale is used for ALL cars, not just Jags. It is a good reference, and
the blue book pricing they publish is based on actual selling prices, not
asking prices and from my knowledge of the current E-type market, is quite

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Eric Scott Williams