[E-Type] Don't forget file for re-assemble Please add any

Slide the driveshaft into the tunnel before installing the IRS… ask me how I know…



Gee, I have no idea what yer talkin’ about.


bonnet assembly sequence…this is for a big mouth converted to covered headlights…1st install turn (blinker ) assuming markers lights have been blanked off (eliminated) 2nd install front bumpers 3rd install wiring loom with 8 way plug (a 5 #3570 with strap or 8 way #3582 with strap or connector block some 10 way used with plug) 4th plug into the car thru the headlight opening to check all lights (ounce sealed up will not have a way to get back in…unless you take it apart NOW CHECK EVERYTHING 5th install sugar scoops anticipate lots of washers and shims 6th install headlight bucket assemblies…with 4 fine thread bolts and nuts (here you can cut small harbor freight grommlets in half and thread these now rubber washer that fit very tight…thus allowing for the little bolts to not fall out as you offer the headlight bucket up to the mounting panels 6th install glass cover with rubbers and 7th chrome finisher…SEE NOTE ON HEADLIGHT BUCKETS

please do not reply… used for latter reference. 5/7/23. Phoenix. Mitch and Vicki

add any don’t forgets…

Headlamp, flat back, bucket assembly sequence…not easy, likely will not fit together “as it should”…right, left, bottom, top, is referenced via looking into the sealed head lamp as if in the bucket with the bucket sitting on its flat back…2 adjusters (part # 11453 have extras)one MUST go in bottom and 2nd on right. then the intermediate plate (#9271) slides into the adjusting bolts with the rim (#9266) screw into the plate to secure the headlight beam then the large rubber gasket (#11577…one wihch completely seals the adjusters…could add a dab of greese inside here) then the screws (daz408/10c) going thru the flat back then thru gasket then H/F 1/2 gromlets to hold said screws (when offered up)

please do not reply…used for later reference. 5/7/23 Phoenix. Mitch and Vicki

add any don’t forgets

why parking lights before bumpers? I am thinking on my car I should do the opposite. Bumpers then parking lights

For a series 2.

Don’t forget or USE bd20163pa TAIL GATE FINISHER…it does not fit, only available in black…it does not extend into (along) the inside roof line far enough. Instead make your own tailgate finisher (have to anyway because only available in black) out of vinyl using contact adhesive weldwood landau…as done in book: E-type Jaguar DIY by Chris Rooke on pages 218 thru 223. Cost $52.99 returned to sng. Mitch and Vicki 5/23/23…

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Don’t forget… Jaguar E-Type Door Handle Gasket Set - Series 1 2 3 V12 3.8 4.2 XKE
US $36.24 to do 2 E’s or 4 doors. Sold by: LATLANDLABELS on ebay in England

Don’t forget these u tube videos … How To Get Perfect Panel Gaps - Doors, Fenders, Hood - Car Resto Tricks - TC Penick and Eastwood and also Beginner’s Guide: How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps

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