[E-Type] door striker adj

Sounds like you have it too tight so its not latching completely. You
need to back it out some. I never loosen the thing complely just enough
so I can move it a very small amount with a wood block and hammer,
retighten and test. Make sure you don’t cock the thing, the locating
pin (on the door) needs to hit its socket dead on. Usually I have only
adjusted the latch so the seams are flush. If its not shutting
correctly with all of the seams fluch and lined up properly there may be
another problem.

Good luck
pauls 67ots

My driver’s side door on my ots was reluctant to latch so (fools rush
I’ve messed around with the strike plate and got it so it’ll latch
repeated slamming, but…if I tug on it hard, it’ll pop open. The
side won’t do this so I know it needs a bit of fine tuning. Does anyone
any tips or techniques on getting it completely, correctly adjusted? The
is about 2 years old; the original one wore out. I’ll try again
right now I’m adjusting my attitude with some Bass Pale Ale.
Jim 67 ots

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Subject: [E-Type] door adjustment help