E Type Fabs Evolution E Types engine frames

Anyone mulling over engine frames and sorting through the posts of who V’s who discussions, my 2 cents is a Big thank you to Uryk at E Type Fabs for his brilliant work supplying a full set of frames for my '65 FHC. Beautifully fabricated and delivered exactly when he said they would be.These things are a work of art, 3 of us had them fitted with bonnet on in less 50 mins, the bonnet needs tweaking which will obviously take time to get exactly where we want it, but a brilliant start.


+1 on that. I got my new set of frames from him a few years ago (maybe 5 years). Better than the originals as far as finish goes and, according to his site, stronger.

Hi Les, Agreed, Uryk`s frame rails are perfection in metal.

They look great, now all you need is a new body shell :slight_smile:

I have them on my 66 OTS----wonderful workmanship—fit perfectly.

I ordered the upgraded version with thicker walls. They are great.

I put a pair of engine frames in mine nearly six years ago. Flawless and dimensionally perfect.

But you should put some antitrust inside the tubes.

I thought no politics was allowed?


Had I kept Tweety, and had I done the 5-speed, he would have gotten a new set of frames.

I did, they got a gutful of fish oil. Smelly but effective.

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Nice frames and a good investment. I had to replace my frames and bonnet 5 years ago due to a front end collision. My new / used frames were sand blasted, then powder coated and prior to installation, filled with oil, drained and the holes corked. The picture frame got some extra attention in that the PO and some jacking had crushed the bottom rail. Some Jag owners put a piece of wood in the slot to prevent this. I went for plan B which involved cutting a piece of 1" by 1/4" thick mild steel flatbar and welding it into the bottom of the frame for a flat surfaced, jack proof modification. No more wooden filler block and no more worries.

My wooden block is iron bark, the name is the promise.

The body is in really good shape,no rust,just old paint from resto in the early '80’s. I was going to strip it,paint,interior etc but can’t see the point.
So new engine with Carillos,JE pistons,ported head etc rebuilt gearbox and restoration/paint under bonnet,rebuild IRS with Quaife center,new bushes and hoses front to back then back on the road asap.Will be a slightly grubby sleeper.

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Having fun
Looks good!
Enjoy the ride

Update on E Type Fabs engine frames, now fitted up correctly after paint.



I need the same full frame Monty from the firewall forward.

What was the cost, if you don’t mind me asking?


Lot’s but what you save is any mucking around making sub standard items fit, a common issue.
From memory in relative terms they weren’t that much more than other makers, shoot them an email.
I also had a problem with bonnet panel gaps (since solved with offset hinges and some expert work by a highly skilled E Type expert in Melbourne) but Uryk at E Type Fabs offered to alter my bonnet support, nothing is a problem for these guys, brilliant support and product.

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I have a post somewhere here where I discuss the cost. I believe they are close to 5,000 USD shipped.

I went with Robey and although not final fitted they seem to fit Well. I will update when I get them fitted….one of these days.

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Thanks, gents, much appreciated.