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Thank-you Simon, for your well detailed response. I came to the same conclusion.However,although the side and rear glass are made to shatter into fragments, the windshield has a plastic sheet built into it to prevent projectiles
(read: … never mind I think you all know.)from launching through it in the case of an accident, and so I thought and still do, that the windshield should be drillable but the side glass not. . In any case since I first posted the
request for experiences the crack has continued it’s journey from just below the driver-side wiper arm pivot point, up to the middle (vertically), and thence after a brief pause turned to the right to search out the largest area of
glass to dissect, it continues (still, at a rate of an inch a day) on towards the great expanse of windshield known as “the passengers side”. Hence I am now going to attempt to crazy (suits my personality) glue it, in an attempt to
hide the offending line. I am also going to attempt to drill it (after I get a replacement) just to see if I can do it. Maybe I will have a picture or two, (if there is anything left to see) Bye for now,
'74 E,O
'86 S15 (with Bifocal)

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Subject: Re: Windshield cracking
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 12:10:43 +0200
From: Simon Taylor simon@isgaix.co.za
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Whatever you do, don’t drill the windscreen to stop the crack from spreading.
I tried this years ago on the driver’s door glass of my first car (an alfasud). There is a metal clip glued to the base of the door glass which is in turn bolted onto the window winder mechanism. This had come unglued. I glued it
back a couple of times and eventually decided to make the repair permanent. I decided to bolt the metal clip to the glass. I read up on drilling glass. You need a special drill bit (I think it was carbide). You need to drill at
low speed. I used a hand drill. You also need to drill in a pool of turpentine. To do this you place plasticine (play dough?) in a circle around where you are going to drill.
I did all this and started drilling, the drill just started to bite, there was a ping and I was sitting in a puddle of turpentine, surrounded by tiny glass cubes.
I drove into town and bought a second hand window glass (with metal clip).
Drilling was a permanent repair.
Auto glass is case hardened/stressed in order to prevent it from forming nice glass knives in the event of breakage. Drilling it will definitely break it.
Cheers, Simon
65 FHC (wife’s)