[E-Type] Lesson No. 65,793. More to follow, I'm *sure*

I swear…
So, you’ve all heard me crow about the efficacy of grill
bricks (’‘fart’’ bricks, for the smell they give off as they
work), right? Well, they work REALLY well, for fast and
total rust removal!
So, let’s say, oh, a person was using them to finish off the
louvers, after chemically stripping them, OK?

So let’s say, oh, this hypothetical person (who shall remain
unmamed) uses the fart brick on the passenger side
(’‘Murrica’’) and then forgets about it for, oh say, 3-4 months.
Then this person goes to start his Jaguar, and can’t figure
why the chokes are all sticky, and the hi-speed pistons
won’t back off, and the throttle linkage is now
inexplicably stuck.
Not so fast, buddy! See above: ‘‘Glass-like and abrasive.’’
And the louvers are over the WHAT???
So, it’s off to NAPA to ge some spray carb cleaner…
Paul Wigton, '60 DKW 1000SP, '57 Chrysler Imperial, Tweety!
Keenesburg, CO, United States
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