E Type model a long journey

Getting close to the end of the journey, but I thought I would share a few more E-Type model pictures, a lot of detail for 1/24 scale .


Sorry missed one more.



, maybe one more

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Just FYI, a 3.8 (1961-1964) should not have the E-TYPE emblem on the boot / trunk, only the JAGUAR script in chrome. The 4.2’s (1964-1971) also had the 4.2 emblem in there.

The Series 3 had a V12 emblem there instead.


Ps. I have also built two E-types in 1:24 and one in 1:32. (And one in 1:1 back in 1996-1998! :wink: )

Thank you , Pekka, you are obviously correct, I was thinking it did not look quite right . I believe that’s the way the kit came but I’m going to have to go in and do a surgical correction somehow.

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E-Type is done, a few flaws and inaccuracy’s but not too bad overall .
The scale of these models are insane. Over 40 minutes to affix a decal of the shift pattern on a gear knob that is half the size of a pin head.
Go figure

Just a few more,

My very late 3.8 FHC had both Jaguar and E Type scripts. The E Type script certainly could have been fitted by a PO, but the car had all the other features of the early 4.2s, black dash, tailgate hinge covers, etc, so it is possible the late 3.8s may have had that script as standard. The 3.8 engine remained an option after the introduction of the 4.2, but mine did not have a 3.8 badge.

Whether any 3.8 cars were supplied after the introduction of the 4.2, and whether they had a 3.8 badge I don’t know.
A bit nit picky re the model, and acknowledging the time and skill that has gone into it, the tailgate badges are a bit too low.