[E-Type] Re:Radiator Mounting?

Helllo to all from one who is usually lurking!!

Question: 1970 S11 OTS, Can anyone tell me how the radiator mounts are
supposed to be installed? (I did not do the disassembly, hence my ignorance)
I have 3 (ought to be 4 I think) rubber type mounts about 3/4 inch tall with a
collar area that seems to fit nicely into the holes in the frame member. ASre
these the right rubbers? Should there be one up, one under, any washers, etc?
The studs on the rebuilt radiator (lousy rebuid BTW) seem too short for two
rubbers each and too long for only one…then again maybe these aren’t the
right mounting rubbers at all?

On the list…Geez guys, maybe when I retire I’ll be able to keep up with all
the posts. As it is now, If I slip for a day or two, I’ll never read them all
but I enjoy all the conversation and the vast collective knowledge…It’s
addictive it!!! and being prone to overindulgence, I can’t stop my
reading…if only I could type, I’d add to the volume!!

Thanks guys

Dale Schaetzke
1970 OTS
1967 Alpha Spider ( may never run again)