[E-Type] S2 front indicator housing won't fit

Hi Chaps

1969 S2 UK spec.

The chrome on my indicator/sidelight assys is pretty rough
and I picked up a very good used set on eBay. Removed the
n/s one off the car last night. Only 3 of the 4 mounting
screws were present. Nothing unusual there, the PO was not
exactly diligent in the way he re fitted items. All the
caged nuts are in place and threads are good. No evidence
of any repairs or filler. The mounting aperture in the
bonnet under panel does not look distorted at all. When I
offered up the used replacement (same casting number as
the one on the car originally) the mounting holes do not
align with the holes in the light casting. Now I know why
only 3 screws were used. The PO drilled out the holes in
the casting slightly to get 3 screws to align.

It seems as though the top sheet metal of the aperture in
the bonnet under panel is stopping the entire side light
assy swivelling upwards slightly to get all holes aligned.
If I ground a couple of mm off the edge I think I could
swivel the assy slightly counter clockwise in the aperture
to get the alignment. The holes are only very slightly out
of alignment.

What I don’t understand is that the light assys are OEM
Lucas and the bonnet mounting looks all original…

We’re these a dodgy fit from brand new??

I also took the bumpers off to find that O/S over rider
welded nut had come lose so PO had hacksawed through bolt
and stuck it on the bumper with silicone. AAARRRGGGHHHHH–
Chris , 69 FHC , Ducati, Moto Guzzi , Aston DB7
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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