[E-Type] Steering Rack and related parts

One of winter projects is to remove, inspect and repair the
steering rack and related parts on my Series 1 OTS.

I have removed the rack. Dirty, boots are good, missing
spring on inner ball joint. It seems to have a slight hitch
moving from side to side. How do I tell if I need to
overhaul the puppy? Reading the archives I will send it out
as I have neither press nor lathe to refit the bushing.
By the way, I couldn’t get it out without following the
Bently instruction to remove the radiator. Oh well, needed
to clean stuff up anyway.

Regarding the steering column u joints - mine are really
loose and floppy but I don’t detect any lateral movement.
Good to go or should I replace?
Gary Herzberg 66 Series 1 OTS, 98 xk8
Bozeman, Montana, United States
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