[E-Type] Success with my carbs!

Thanks to all who responded to my carb problems. I finally got the car to
idle smoothly all the way down to 500, but I like 700 better.

I tried every single suggestion resulting in the following changes made after
I CAREFULLY kitted the carbs:

  1. Zoz was right about the gasket under the slow idle needle. I removed it
    and had massacred the o ring. Half of it was shoved down the threads.Made a
    big difference.

  2. Throttle plate on #3 was not fully closing due to assembly with the shaft

  3. The backlash for the lever arms has to have the lost motion ocurring while
    the throttle is opening.

  4. One of the clips to the throttle shaft was distorted, causing a surprising
    amopunt of friction.

  5. Putting a vacuum guage on the vacuum rail is the way to fly to adjust the
    mixture at idle. Simply maximizing the vacuum workes great.

I feel about these HD8’ds the way I used to feel about my Gov Issue .45 many
years ago. I think I can assemble them in my sleep!

Many thanks to all who offered suggestions both on and off line. They were
all very helpful.

Mike Moore