E-type Window Winder Handles, now with a lower price

Here is the accessory - upgrade - enhancement you need to make your E-type truly yours.

One pair of aftermarket window winder handles for your special kitty. Enough pieces to do both windows.

Here’s what you get:

  • Two adapters that slip over the octagonal bosses on the factory window winder assembly. The adapters car be painted to match the interior color of your car or left in that gorgeous cast aluminum color.
  • Two solid (billet?) wood trim pieces.
  • Two window winder handles with solid wood (billet again?) knobs.

Here’s what you don’t get:

  • Screws to attach the handles to the car. They are a common size though so you can get them at any hardware store.

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood when you have these. Imagine your excitement as you install these beauties on your car and proudly raise and lower your windows.

Here are the pictures you’ve been waiting for. Note the holes in the handle arms match the holes in the steering wheel spokes; a nice touch a truly discriminating Jaguar owner will appreciate. The second picture shows the back side of an adapter.


You’d think these rare and valuable handles would be priced in the hundreds of dollars. I’ll let these beauties go for the amazing low price of $35.00. Reduced from $45.00, a savings of $10.00.

  • Personal, cashier’s or certified checks, or a money order. But I’ll need to hold shipment until it clears the bank. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but . . . .well, you know how it is. Seems like there is a Nigerian Prince lurking in every in-box.
  • Cash, it’s always welcome but I wouldn’t recommend you send actual cash through the mail.
  • Paypal. I’ve no problem if you want to pay me via Paypal, but you are going to have to add in an amount sufficient to cover the fee those heartless bloodsuckers at Paypal are going to want to pluck from my proceeds of this transaction.


I’m going to ask you to pay the actual cost of shipping and I’m happy to ship this by any of the following:

  • UPS
  • United States Postal Service

I prefer the United States Postal Service, but since you are the one who is going to pony up the dough for shipping it’s your call. Now, I’m going to eat the cost of the box and other packaging and I tend to over pack stuff but it seems like every shipper damages or looses stuff from time to time, then they shrug their shoulders and pretend they never heard of you and treat you like a leper. Whoever you choose I’d suggest you spring for the optional insurance they offer.

Since you will be paying the freight I’ll ship this anywhere you want me to as long as it’s on this planet. Actually I’m OK with interplanetary shipments but the cost, to you that is, would probably be frightfully high.

Warranty, Disclaimer, Usual Legal BS:

No guarantee, but they fit my series II so there is no reason they won’t fit yours. These are used parts and exhibit the normal minor blemishes one would associate with normal usage.

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

You need to start taking this hawking business a little more seriously. You are having way too much fun. This business is not a laughing matter.


What? Me Worry?

Honestly, life is too short not to.

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Honestly, at times, life is too long!

No interest yet? OK, how about $35.