Early F-Types coming off warranty

(Gunnar Helliesen) #1

Just a reminder, if you own an early F-Type, they were sold in the US with a 4 year warranty, not 5, as at least I believed. I think I got confused by the “or 50,000 miles” part. I saw the “5” and my brain read it as 5 years or 50,000.

But nope, it was 4 years, or 50,000. Which means that the early ones are coming off of warranty now. If yours is still under the limit, don’t forget to bring it in for every little annoyance you can think of, while it’s still free.

Please make especially sure to check your convertible top very, very carefully for wear and tear. Some of them did get excessively worn by chafing against the mechanism. A new top is a cool $12,000. So you want it replaced on warranty now if there’s even a hint of wear.

(Bpp) #2

Thanks… Did that. Warranty has now expired and “check engine light” has come on.

(Paul Wigton) #3

That is simply insane.

(Brett) #4

I always prefer coupes anyway, but that price really makes me think a hardtop is the way to go. Ouch!