"Easy" fix for leaking differential gasket

After cleaning off my differential and driving for a while, I realized that my gasket was leaking not the seals. I was planning on dropping the entire cage to get to the gasket but my real Jag mechanic said I could just unbolt the cage and then tip it backwards. So I unbolted the 4 suspension mounts and then was able to drop and tip the cage and get full access to the rear cover.

Just posting in case someone else has a leaking gasket and thinks i like did that the whole cage had to come out. Hardest part was actually removing the rear exhaust pipes.


When I replaced the gasket on my Jeep rear end, which is also a Dana 44, I used this gasket.

LLR-D044 Differential Cover Gasket Replacement for Dana 44 Axles Drivetrain Sealing https://a.co/d/2bCTyjr

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Last year, I worked on a friend’s 1967 E whose gasket was leaking badly. Tightening the bolts helped a bit but it still leaked.
I ended up cleaning it well with Brakeclean and then slathering Permatex “The Right Stuff” on the gasket exposed seams and over the bolt heads.

A couple of winters ago I replaced the diff. cover gasket in situ after removing the tie plate.
I used a cometic gasket.
Not easy but doable……successfully.